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This is so intriguing

Need to get more.

this shit just LOOKS painful idk how yalll do it

it’s a really enjoyable pain

But really.. It feels so. Fucking. Good.

I want another one soon. oh my god.

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1. I was looking at the stars last night and I had a sudden urge to steal the stars from the dark sky, and decorate my skin with them. I was thinking that if my skin was covered in stars you would look at me and think, “Wow she is beautiful.”

2. Your presence is like a full moon. Maybe it’s me, maybe I am not dead once in a full moon, maybe my eyes shine once in a while. I doubt it.

3. I was standing under the sun yesterday and my eyes couldn’t stand the warmth, and I swear the sun’s rays made my skin boil to nothingness. I thought that you left me because my touch is deadly, and I was a burden to your life.

4. I don’t know how to handle anything anymore. If I were to weigh my life it’ll be an infinite amount of numbers.

5. My heart has arthritis. My mind has arthritis.

6. My presence is expired medicine. The only thing I’m good at is destroying someone, and making them sick from head to toe.

7. I want to grab the entire solar system and bury it inside my soul.

8. Please tell me what you detest about me. I’ll try to jump from this ugly carousel my life is on, and I’ll break my ribs, and watch a waterfall of blood spill from my knees, I’ll break all my bones. I’ll flip my whole life around.

9. My blood is expired, this is why I feel sick in my skin. I wanted to let it out because this expired blood is killing me. This is why I am insane, and I cannot cooperate. I’m sorry.

10. My heart is expired it doesn’t work anymore. My life is expired and my emotions have been crying, and they have develop breathing problems since you life.


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